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Onewheel GT S-Series Treaded Tire

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The Onewheel GT S-Series is a high-performance electric board developed by Future Motion. It features a 113-volt drivetrain and a redesigned motor, providing two times the torque for greater confidence in the ride and better control at all speeds. The board is faster, lighter, and lower than its predecessors, with 50% more voltage than previous models, which provides for mind-blowing acceleration at medium-to-high speeds, unbelievable stability at speed, and incredible hill climbing capabilities. The GT S-Series has a top speed of 25 mph and a range of 16-25 miles. The board is compatible with the suite of GT accessories.

The Onewheel GT S-Series comes with a GT Performance Treaded Tire, which has a softer compound, wide profile, passive stability, and a construction optimized for maximum performance. The S-Series Lowboy footpads are slimmer than the GT footpads and have a refined concave, rounded edges, and a 24mm tail kick that provide all-day comfort while keeping your feet right where they need to be. The board is also equipped with intelligent LED lighting that switches direction when you do, high beams for maximum light output, and intuitive lighting front and back.